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Please note that permission and/or purchase from relevant organisation listed below is required for ALL images on this website.  Beware - unauthorised use of images could make you liable for a hefty fine from relevant owner that may run into thousands of pounds!

The following organisations have granted permission to use their images:

The Amoret Tanner Collection:
Photographic Portrait of Mary Seacole
The Amoret Tanner Collection of ephemera is a picture resource for all matters concerning the social history of Britain from 1770 to 1970. The emphasis is on the decorative, colourful and/or entertaining; items range from 19th century Buckingham Palace menus to an invitation to the Great Duke of Wellington's funeral in 1852, from items given instead of a farthing change to poignant hand written valentines. It is used by editors and publishers as well as film companies and many items from it can be seen in the current film The Phantom of the Opera.

The National Portrait Gallery:
Portrait of Mary Seacole

The Bridgeman Art Library:
Portrait of Mary Seacole
Fleet Street: 19th century

National Library of Jamaica

National Trust Photographic Library:
Doctors Medical Cabinet

Punch Cartoon Library:
Mrs Seacole as depicted by Punch

Picture Library
National Army Museum

Bodleian Library
Imaging Services Office

RCN Publishing Company
The Mary Seacole Blue Plaque

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